The inspiration for our quality veneer comes directly from the strength and beauty of nature itself - strong, elegant, graceful and enduring. We strive for the highest standards because we are inspired by the highest.

Based in South Hill, Virginia we are truly an international company. Operating in the global marketplace with facilities in the United States and Europe, IVC-USA specializes in clipped and unclipped veneer. In addition, we have sales offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

In today's competitive and changing marketplace, you need a business partner with the experience and technology to help your business grow. Our knowledgeable and professional sales staff has expertise in both the international and domestic marketplace. Upgraded with the most advanced computerized technology and tracking system, IVC-USA ensures that your specifications are met with exacting detail. Our modern showroom makes selecting veneer more convenient than ever and because quality control is second to none, you can select with the utmost confidence.

IVC-USA utilizes only the finest quality raw materials to produce the highest quality veneers.

As manufacturers of veneer, we also understand that controlled harvesting and reforestation is a necessity not an option. We make the most out of every harvested tree and as a steward of the environment; we protect the very existence of our most versatile resource.

IVC-USA and all of its facilities are supportive of and are dedicated to sustained forest management and conservation of our woodlands.

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